Why Soda Is Bad For You

“Soda will make you fat.” “Soda is bad for your health.” “Soda has too much sugar so it’s not good for you.” I know you must be tired of always hearing those phrases, well I’m tired of hearing them too; but unfortunately, everything we’ve heard is true and it can’t be said any differently. It seems that no matter where we turn there’s a new study, warning about the potential health risks associated with consuming soda, or pop, or soft drinks. If you consume soda, especially a lot of it, then do you ignore these warning signs and go on as if everything will ok, maybe say to yourself ‘you’ve got to die somehow, right?’ Maybe it’s time to take a hard look at what you are putting into your body; soda is nothing but sugar, bad carbohydrates, and water and lacks any nutritional value. Soda is bad for you and the health risks are many, not to mention what it does for your physical appearance and you will see just a few of these below.

All Around Body Fat

Regular soda has been presented in many studies as being linked with our population being overweight and obese. Recently, reviews were conducted of 30 researches circulated in 2006 by scientists from the Harvard School of Public Health. The result in most of these researches indicated that overweight children and adults drink more soda than normal-weight children and adults, and the more soda they drank the greater their possibility of becoming obese, at least one and a half times greater today than yesterday’s soda intake. Another study established that people tend to consume more calories on those days when they drink a lot of soda since soda itself carries a lot of empty calories, and that soda drinkers are usually heavier than people who don’t consume soda. In Denmark, researchers found that consuming regular soda increases the fat deposited around your skeletal muscles and liver and as the result of this build up leads diabetes and insulin resistance. The study further showed that when a person consumes regular soda at least once a day for six months they saw a dramatic increase in the liver fat, up 142%, and an even more dramatic increase in skeletal fat, up 221%. When compared to those who had other beverages, the soda drinkers saw an 11% increase in cholesterol.

Nestle says that the first thing people should do if they are trying to lose weight is to cut down or eliminate soda intake. We know that with the build up of body fat then come the complications with the heart and your other vital organs.

The Unseen Enemy: ‘Diet’ Soda

Diet soda is supposedly a ‘healthier alternative’ to that of regular soda, but you may be amazed to find out that even diet soda will cause you to pack on the pounds and body fat. A study was conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Center and it involved researchers observing 475 test subjects (adults) for a decade. The results showed that those subjects who downed diet soda had a 70% increase in their waistlines over the study period, compared with those subjects who didn’t consume any soda. And what’s even more shocking is that those who consumed more than two diet sodas in a day saw a 500% expansion in that waistline; yikes! If you are going for ‘diet’ might as well go for the regular version instead, because they both end up doing the same thing, right? I don’t think so, why risk increasing that waistline and body fat even further and even worse, aging.

Forever Old and Not Just In Looks?

In a popular reality television-show an overweight person was featured, who had bad skin as well and this was apparently due to his consumption of sodas and fast food. After only three months without sodas and fast food, in addition to losing a bunch of weight, this individual’s skin also improved dramatically. So all sodas whether it be diet or regular contains what is scientifically known as phosphates, or phosphoric acid. This is a weak acid that gives sodas that tanginess and increase their shelf life; this however exists in traces in many whole foods but none like that of soda and other carbonated beverages. Too much phosphate can actually lead to kidney and heart complications, osteoporosis and muscle loss since it will leach calcium from off your bones; and it is this ingredient that is alleged to cause aging, outward aging as well as internal aging. Who wants to look or feel old before they are done being young? It is quite disturbing to know that soda manufacturers are actually increasing the levels of phosphates which cannot be good for us; especially after considering a study that was published in a 2010 publication of theFASEB Journal, which reported that the high levels of phosphate in sodas actually caused lab rats to perish a full five weeks before lab rats with normal phosphate levels. Just image that one bottle of soda has the same amounts of phosphates or more than a bottle of vinegar. Can you imagine drinking a bottle of vinegar?….yuck!

Tooth Decay and More

Dentists report that tooth decay is popular in children who consume too much soda especially, mountain dew. These children end up with a mouth full of cavities which is caused by the soda’s high level of sugar. An ingredient known as brominated vegetable oil, or BVO, is added to the soda to stop the flavoring from separating from the drink; this is actually an industrial chemical that is used as a flame retardant in plastics. This chemical has been identified to cause nerve disorders and memory loss when it is consumed in large quantities. This is unproven but researchers strongly believe that, the chemical in the soda builds up in body fat, and may end up causing infertility, behavioural problems, and lesions on heart muscles over time.

The colouring in ‘brown’ soda, Pepsi, Coca-Cola etc., have been linked to cancer in animals when tested. Soda consumption is also linked to water pollution and causing death in birds just to name a few more. There is so much more to report, this is just the tip of the iceberg, see for yourself just why soda is bad for you.

In a society where obesity, heart disease, stroke, kidney damage and other forms of disease are on the rise, studies have shown where drinking diet and regular soda will continue to contribute to all of the listed sicknesses. Will you become a statistic? You can’t repair the damage that’s already been done but you can certainly avoid further disaster; being a recovering “sodaholic” I can tell you that once soda is out of your life, it will change and for the better. Limiting your soda intake, to me, it is an important step in the right direction and I personally do not believe that the science linking sodas to obesity and other health issues has been misrepresented or over-reported.

Written by Dustin Fransen with WoW Gold Tips

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