Lose Weight the Easy Way

If there is one universal problem across the social divide, it is that of being overweight and obese. Children and adults alike suffer from the same problem thanks to more and more people leading sedentary lifestyles. Basically, people are eating unhealthy; fast foods and highly processed foods. Lack of exercise worsens such a situation because as people continue feeding unhealthy and make no effort to keep fit, excess fat builds up in their bodies. Excess weight is dangerous to health as it predisposes to lifestyle diseases which may end up being fatal. There is therefore a great need to maintain one’s weight and finding an easy way to do so really helps.

There are very many weight loss programs available for trial but it is wise to find out which one is more likely to work for you before trying them out. The reason for this is that your body is delicate and it is all you got for life. Certain weight loss programs like extreme dieting may actually cause you more negative than positive effects. Best thing to do: learn the available options and choose the best. This way, every overweight person keen on maintaining a healthy weight will find a quick yet safe way to shed off the extra pounds.

One weight loss regime that is quickly gaining popularity is the HCG diet. This is a program that uses the HCG hormone and a diet that has carefully regulated calorie intake. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone (HCG) is derived from the urine of pregnant women where it is produced by the placenta. It can now be used in the form of injectables alongside the HCG diet to help a person lose weight. The HCG shots must be administered by a medical doctor as this is the only way to certify that the hormone is authentic and not artificial. Moreover, the doctor helps to keep this individual under close monitoring. This is because this diet calls for low calorie intake, which when done without supervision, may end harming the body resulting is significant loss of muscle mass but limited loss of fat.

How this hormone causes weight loss, is the million dollar question. Well, the mechanism is simple. It acts on the satiety centre in the region of the brain known as the hypothalamus. This centre controls the feeling of hunger and fullness of the stomach. It helps reduce cravings and therefore contain the amount of food one consumes. Naturally, as the food portions decrease so does your body weight. The HCG diet also encompasses daily intake of either 500, 800, or 1200 calories per day and while doing so, and encourages intake of only healthy foods. No junk food is allowed.

A great thing to note is that while on the HCG diet, exercise is not mandatory for one to lose weight. However, it is encouraged for individuals to always exercise whether they are on weight loss regimes or not. Regular exercise helps to boost your circulation and burn unnecessary fat which all contribute towards maintaining the right body mass index as well as keeping the body healthy. To learn more about the HCG diet, click here.

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