7 Ways to Lose a Double Chin

While there are many advantages to growing older and hopefully wiser, a double chin is certainly not one of them. Many people as they age must deal with a double chin that appears as skin sags and the metabolism slows down, creating more fat around the neck.

Several factors can directly contribute to the double chin issue including bad posture, lack of exercise, obesity, age, and genetics. The good news is that while genetics and age might be against you, that doesn’t mean you can’t fight back!

This page will show you seven of the best ways to lose a double chin regardless of age or metabolism, so you can be empowered with all the knowledge and take away that annoying double chin.Double Chin

Double Chin Removal Products

While many people might think of wearing bulky sweaters or turtlenecks when it comes to this topic, those only cover up a double chin – they do absolutely nothing to help minimize it or get rid of it. There are a few products which can actually help with getting rid of a double chin instead of just covering the product up. While some products may work with some variety of effectiveness, there is one product that really stands out:

1.Velform Chin Wrap

If you haven’t heard of this product, don’t feel bad. It is relatively new on the scene. It  is one of the most popular non-surgical treatments for getting rid of the turkey neck appearance that comes from dealing with excess fat on the neck and around the jaw line.

The Velform wrap in many ways is a two part double chin treatment. The idea is to have a gel that helps tighten up loose skin and encourage the skin cells on the neck and around the jaw line to firm up. The firm tight wrap helps to make sure that the gel gets into the area that needs treatment the most while also encouraging that firming of the skin.

Velform chin wraps require two treatments a day for a total of 30 minutes for you to get the maximum results from their use. The first treatment should be 10 minutes in the morning, and then in the evening after dinner use a 20 minute treatment. Many people begin to see results within seven days and anyone using this treatment should start seeing some major progress within 30 days of beginning their Velfrom chin wrap treatment. These treatments usually cost right around $40.

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Diet & Exercise

Diet and exercise can obviously have a positive effect on reducing a double chin. The more extra fat you have on your body, the more likely you are to end up with some up around the neck. This isn’t just due to the fat cells alone, although that’s a major part of it, but fat cells also trap excess water in the body which further exacerbates the problem. What can be frustrating for many people is they look for information on how to lose the double chin only to find a general article saying diet and exercise: everyone knows this, and it doesn’t provide a lot of new information.

At the very least, good articles should mention that there are some specific exercises which can actually target a turkey neck, or double chin as they’re also called (we’ll get to those exercises a little further down the page) or that the types of foods eaten can make a difference. If you’re going to take on a diet, consider cutting down on the carbs and cutting out the sugars, while eating more protein. These types of diet not only will help you to lose excess water and fat cells, but takes away carbs and sugar which most easily convert straight to fat.

Losing a little weight can go a long way to helping reduce that double chin, and while going that route don’t forget the double chin exercises further down this article or cutting out the sugars for more protein to get you on the right track, and practice proper posture to give yourself the best chance of completely eliminating any double chin issues you might be struggling with.

Double Chin Surgery

Chin SurgeryDouble chin surgery might seem like an excessive or last resort solution, but the truth is that modern technology has given consumers many low impact options for getting rid of a double chin. Most of these procedures can fall into one of three categories:

1.Tumescent liposuction (sometimes referred to as liposculpture)

Tumescent liposuction refers to a very specific type of cosmetic surgery where a small incision is made and a tool called a cannula is inserted to fill the excess fat cells with a liquid solution which usually involves some combination of saline, anesthetics, and artificial adrenaline. This mixture can be used to swell the fat cells and dislodge them, which then helps with flushing them completely out of the body. The specific form of surgery which treats a double chin might be referred to either as neck liposuction or chin liposuction depending on the provider.

This is considered a low impact cosmetic surgery that only requires localized anesthesia, which allows for you to go in and walk out the same day. While tumescent liposuction tends to be really effective in helping to remove a double chin, there are some possible side effects which can include: lumps, dimpling, loose skin, and other irregularities resulting from fat cell removal.

One of the major additional downsides is that tumescent liposuction can be quite expensive. Even on the low side a procedure is going to cost several thousand dollars and depending on the expert used and the location, the cost could even get up to almost ten grand. In most places it will be closer to two to four thousand, but once again this varies greatly depending on the expert and the location of the practice.

Mentoplasty is another cosmetic surgical procedure which involves adding a chin implant to make the lower jaw protrude out further. This creates a sharper chin and a more pronounced facial profile, especially around the jaw lines on each side of the face leading down to the chin. This chin implant also results in some stretching of the chin and tightening of the surrounding muscles. The larger chin helps down play a double chin, while the tightening of the surrounding muscles can also help bat down the excess fat which creates the double chin effect.

Mentoplasty is usually performed as a low impact cosmetic surgery using local anesthesia. Usually an incision is made inside the mouth to insert the implant, although sometimes an additional incision may be made just under the chin, as well. Mentoplasty is sometimes actually used in conjunction with liposuction, acting as a 1-2 punch to effectively get rid of a double chin by removing excess fat while at the same time elongating the chin resulting in a more defined jaw.

Finally, there’s the use of lipodissolve. Lipodissolve is a non-surgical alternative to tumescent liposuction which involves using a series of shots where chemical compounds are injected into the double chin and the chemical compounds work to melt the fat away, which is flushed out of the body through normal bodily processes. This procedure is considered a little bit more risky than the tumescent liposuction route because the chemical mixture is not a set formula that is regulated by the FDA, but these cocktails are completely different from doctor to doctor and thus cannot receive full FDA backing because there is no standard mixture.

Double Chin Exercises

Believe it or not, there are actually facial exercises often called “double chin exercises” because they are designed specifically to help you eliminate that double chin. Generally speaking there are four specific facial exercises that help strengthen facial muscles and help to reduce or even eliminate double chins. None of these are very stressful, but they can have amazing results when it comes to tightening up the face and surrounding regions.

Exercise one involves sitting with good straight posture and leaning the head back so you’re looking at the ceiling. Push your tongue firmly against the roof of your mouth and hold for five seconds. Repeat five to ten times. This exercises muscles in the neck and face which will help strengthen that entire region and help you to get rid of a double chin.

Double chin exercise two involves lowering your head slowly as far as your head will go, usually until your chin touches your chest, then slowly raising your head straight back as far as it will comfortably go. This stretches out the muscles and strengthens them over time.

Another simple exercise for getting rid of a double chin involves tilting your head back as far as it will go and slowly open your mouth wide, and then close. Repeat ten times and you’ll be feeling the stretch of the facial muscles after completing this exercise.

Finally the fourth major facial exercise for eliminating a double chin should be one you remember from childhood. Sticking your tongue out as far as it will go stretches the face and you can especially feel it working the muscles right underneath the jaw line. This can be extremely effective over a few weeks for reducing a double chin. This is one of those exercises you should probably do in private as it might get you in trouble in public as not everyone is going to buy the “this is a facial exercise” excuse as you continue to stick out your tongue. For a little bit of amusement, practice these double chin exercises in front of a mirror and see just how good your stick out the tongue face still is.

Your regiment shouldn’t be limited to only one or two of these exercises, as using all of them won’t take very much time out of your day, and can be done daily since they’re all small muscles: it’s not like weight lifting at the gym or anything like that although if you do these properly you will definitely begin to notice the feel of your facial muscles pulling and over a month’s time you will really begin to witness some serious results.

If you’re confused at all about what some of these double chin exercises look like, then take a look at these two videos on YouTube, one of which demonstrates two good facial exercises while the other one demonstrates one very good facial exercise.

Double Chin Hairstyles

Long HairstylesA good haircut won’t get rid of a double chin, but there are several different hairstyles for both men and women that can help to hide the excess fat that comes with a double chin and at least take attention away from it until the daily double chin exercises or other alternative treatments you use fully take effect. For many people who only have a small double chin, a combinations of the right hairstyle and daily facial exercises can go a long way to taking care of the problem.

If you’re a fan of short hairstyles, some bad news: obviously a short hairstyle isn’t going to have what it takes to truly hide a double chin. If you’re going to insist on a very short hairstyle, then the best you can do is draw attention away from a double chin by drawing the eyes to some type of flourish or style on the top of the head. That means the pixie style is a definite out of the question.

Usually longer hairstyles are better, but if you prefer a medium length cut, then a bob hairdo which is long enough to curl under the jaw line can work very well when it’s properly cut as these haircuts often look cute and can create the appearance of a longer face, which when done properly takes away attention from a double chin.

Longer hairstyles for women should include layering or highlights around the cheeks or even higher to pull away attention from the chin. This can even include styles such as having highlighted hair high on both sides of the face, while pulling up long hair into a bun on top of the head. This not only creates a very fashionable and unique hairstyle, but it gives two elements that take away attention from the double chin.

Details like where soft tresses and curls fall will make a big difference, as they should never sweep down towards the chin, but should draw attention to either the upper face or down to the shoulders for maximum effect. Professional hair stylists may have some great ideas on what works on an individual to individual basis, since facial shapes and hair are all going to look very different meaning what works for one young lady might not work for another.

For guys the solution for covering a double chin can be fairly simple, and that’s with facial hair. A thick goatee can stay well trimmed and maintained while helping to hide an otherwise obvious double chin, or if you don’t mind a full beard and work in an environment where that’s allowed or appropriate, then a thick but well maintained beard can definitely hide your double chin. Since longer hair is often a liability for most men, and most men don’t care for the style anyway, it’s best for them to concentrate on facial hair options for covering up a double chin.

More on Hiding a Double Chin

Goatee Hides Double ChinWhen it comes to men wanting to hide a double chin, there’s nothing that works better than the already mentioned facial hair options of a goatee or beard. Always remember to keep these well trimmed and professional looking. For the women, aside from the previously aforementioned hair style tips for drawing attention away from a double chin, there are some make up tricks that can help minimize the overall appearance or prominence of that undesirable feature.

When putting on your make up, apply it as normal in the morning. Once you have the look you want, find a darker tone like a brown blush and apply it underneath your chin. This slight darkening effect will cause that area of your face to fade into the background while the rest of your face appears brighter. The shade should be slightly darker than the rest of your make up, but not so much as to make it stick out. Many women have found bronzer powder to work fairly well in this capacity.

The keys for successfully using make up to help hide a double chin involve the way this tactic is used. If you choose a shade of makeup that’s way too dark compared to your normal set up, then it will cause the double chin to stand out as opposed to fade into the background. Using a slightly darker shade is necessary, but it must be applied lightly for complete effectiveness. The application should lead to a subtle darkening, which is all you need to pull off the look.

Additional Tips for Getting Rid of a Double Chin

One of the most important aspects of preventing a double chin, and it works as a way to help get rid of one that’s forming, is practicing appropriate posture. Good posture affects virtually every part of the body and even affects things such as metabolism and core muscle strength. Making sure to practice good posture, especially when you are sitting down, drastically improves the chance of avoiding or getting rid of a double chin. If you find proper posture difficult, it gets easier over time and there are many different models of ergonomic chairs which can encourage the appropriate sitting position.

Chewing sugar free gum is also a great idea. Not only does this help prevent you from eating too much and gaining weight, but this keeps the jaws moving constantly which exercises the facial muscles all through the jaw, lower face, and neck. Working out these muscles constantly is one of the best ways to get rid of a double chin naturally without having to resort to high risk or expensive cosmetic surgery procedures.

In Summary

If you really want to get rid of a double chin there are many different routes you can take to get there, and many individuals find the most success using some kind of combination between all the options involved. This article showed you many of the best ways to deal with the issue of getting rid of a double chin. In summary, steps you can take to get rid of a double chin include:

With all the resources provided, you can hide the double chin effectively until your series of treatments, exercises, or cosmetic surgery get rid of the problem for good.